The famous Bachan cookies.  Well at least they are famous within our family and friends.  Bachan means Grandma in Japanese.  My husband Stuart, is half Japanese and his Grandma, better known as Bachan, made the best chocolate chip cookies for […]

Bachan Cookies – The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

Let’s talk about how I became vegan.  This journey started Fall of 2012.  I had a bad rash under my lip for at least a year.  The Dr. told me I was allergic to Chapstick and to stop using it […]

How I became Vegan – A Story That Changed My ...

Vegan Thanksgiving was a success!  I spent all day Wednesday prepping onions, celery, mushrooms, more onions, pumpkin pie, slicing apples and coconut whipped cream.  Prepping the day before was a tremendous help come Thursday.  But still juggling all the different dishes […]

Vegan Thanksgiving with My Family

Thanksgiving 1
Thanksgiving is a day for thanks, it is a day to be with family and it is a day to be grateful. Historically, Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, but it wasn’t until 1789 that George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving declaration […]

Thanksgiving – A Cruelty-Free and Vegan Thanksgiving